Community Projects

Junior League has been the driving force behind the kinds of initiatives and institutions that make communities healthier, more vital places to live: childhood immunization, family literacy, women’s shelters, children’s museums, historic preservation, leadership development, and more. Our Issue Based Focus is now centered around teenagers in our community.

Our organization works within and throughout the community to identify unmet needs, forge effective coalitions, and work for change.  Time and time again, the Junior League is among the first organizations to step up to the plate and tackle a community’s biggest challenges

What’s the critical element in our success over 8 decades? The power of the trained volunteer.

Making an Impact on our Community:
Through their experience in the organization, the women of The Junior League gain a unique expertise: the ability to identify the most pressing problem facing a community and then craft a solution in collaboration with community partners. The initiatives we develop make an impact on our communities and pave the way for long-term, sustainable change.