Our Golden Rose Award

Each May at our Annual Dinner we announce the year’s Golden Rose Winner.

The award is given to a Sustaining member of our League for their continued volunteer contributions to the community as well as their involvement in the Junior League of Waterloo-Cedar Falls.

Past Winners:

2023 – Katy Susong

2022- Lori Johnson

2021- Shanlee McNally

2020- Ardy Rydell

2019- Dee Jordan

    2018- Sharon Fereday

                  2017- Terry Poe Buschkamp

2016-Julie Ritland

2015-Joni Hollen

   2014- Cathie Miehe

2013- Cindy Kline

           2012-Thieleane Raecker

          2011-Dee Vandeventer


Earlier Winners:

Marlene Behn
Vicky Bjortomt
Kathy Breckunitch
Ruth Buck
Mary Ann Burk
Jane Christensen
Marty Clark
Sally Davis
Gayle Denkinger
Susie Heaton
Karol Hoth
Teresa Jackson
Jeri Jenner Karr
Karen Mukai
Mary Esther Pullin
Linda Waldon
Mary Ellen Warren
Cathy Young
Jean Parker
Junean Witham
Linda Klinger
Donna Sheldon
Ann Callahan